We offer a full line of standard and custom designed exhaust silencers, mufflers and exhaust accessories. Silencer grades include industrial, residential, critical, super critical, extreme, hospital grade and spark arresting. Silencers are available with integrated diesel soot filters and oxidation catalyst. Marine ABS & BV certified units available.

We combine our high quality catalyst products and particulate filters with a wide range of exhaust silencers (mufflers) to bring state of the art air and noise emissions compliance into one integrated package. These units are custom designed to satisfy the most stringent noise and pollution abatement requirements while achieving low pressure drop, reliability and affordability

Reduce NOx, CO, UHC, Soot, and Exhaust Odors while achieving industrial, residential, critical, hospital grade, super critical and extreme grade noise reductions. We specialize in heavy-duty, custom designed units to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

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