Diesel Particulate Filters (Soot Filters)

Diesel and biodiesel catalyst, diesel exhaust purifiers and catalyzed diesel particulate filters are available for shipment worldwide. We specialize in custom configurations for mobile, stationary and marine applications. Meet RICE NESHAP compliance requirements.
Our diesel engine exhaust diesel particulate filters (soot filters) utilize ceramic (cordierite) wall-flow filter elements to capture particulate matter from mobile and stationary diesel engines. Each filter is coated with a proprietary catalyst coating that enables the filter to self-regenerate while reducing particulate matter (soot & smoke) by a minimum of 85%. In addition, the catalyzed filters can reduce CO emissions by over 95% and unburned hydrocarbons (UHC’s) by over 90%. The amount of reduction will depend upon fuel quality and operating conditions including exhaust flow and temperature.

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