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SpaceX plans to lay off about 10 percent of workforce

SpaceX, the upstart rocket company that has shaken up the launch industry with low-cost reusable boosters and ambitious long-range plans to carry people to Mars and beyond, plans to reduce its workforce by about 10 percent, company sources said late Friday. The revelation came just hours after the California rocket builder successfully launched 10 Iridium […]

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CES 2019: Everything you need to know about the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas – dates, schedule, online stream, tickets, more

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2019 – will take place Jan. 8-11, and will likely continue the trend of being the largest U.S. event for the consumer tech industry. Several companies have already dropped teases for announcements they could make at this year’s CES, ranging from further iterations of existing hardware to brand-new innovations.  Here’s all the […]

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