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Facebook removes Iran-linked accounts spreading false info

Facebook removed another set of accounts, groups and Pages – 82 in total – that were engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior originating in Iran and targeting people in the United States and United Kingdom. The accounts spread divisive political or anti-Trump content, including images calling President Trump “The worst, most hated president in American history.” Others […]

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Study shows that children with asthma react differently to changes in air pollution depending on the environment they grow up in — ScienceDaily

Children with asthma who grow up in a New York City neighborhood where air pollution is prevalent need emergency medical treatment more often than asthmatics in less polluted areas. This is according to researchers from Columbia University in the US in a new study published in the Springer Nature-branded journal Pediatric Research. Lead author, Stephanie […]

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Formaldehyde — not sulfur dioxide — may be the key to China’s stubborn problem of wintertime air pollution — ScienceDaily

For more than 15 years, the Chinese government has invested billions of dollars to clean up its deadly air pollution, focusing intensely on reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide from coal-burning power plants. These efforts have succeeded in reducing sulfur dioxide emissions, but extreme pollution events are still a regular wintertime occurrence and experts estimate that […]

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