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Ozone pollution in US national parks close to that of largest US cities — ScienceDaily

More than 300 million visitors travel to U.S. national parks every year to experience America’s iconic landscapes. But poor air quality in parks may negatively affect visitation, according to a study published in Science Advances by researchers from Iowa State University and Cornell University. The researchers studied ozone levels in 33 of the largest national […]

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Social media, the scourge of adolescence

America’s schoolchildren are on summer vacation – no more teachers, no more books. But the same can’t be said for their smartphones. Those devices are firmly in the hands of an entire generation of young people – call them the “iGEN.” For them, the iPhone is like the very air they breathe, as Tracy Smith […]

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Top state election officials meet amid security concerns

PHILADELPHIA — The top state election officials from throughout the U.S. are gathering this weekend in Philadelphia amid fresh revelations of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and just before President Donald Trump holds one-on-one talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The annual gathering has typically been a low-key affair highlighting such things as voter […]

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