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Tiangong 1: Tracking the Chinese satellite falling to Earth — latest information on when and where it will land

Tiangong 1, China’s defunct and reportedly out-of-control space station, is about to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and on Saturday the European Space Agency released new tracking information on the falling spacecraft. ESA officials are now targeting 7:25 p.m. EDT (2325 GMT) Sunday as the likely time for re-rentry. Meanwhile, the Aerospace Corp. is now forecasting a […]

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Up to 38 percent of all annual childhood asthma cases in Bradford, U.K. may be caused by air pollution — ScienceDaily

New research highlights the impact of traffic-related air pollution on childhood asthma. The study also shows traffic-related air pollution could be specifically responsible for up to 24% of the total number of cases. An international team of researchers has used a newly developed model to assess the impact exposure to nitrogen oxides — gases that […]

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Experts highlight air pollution clean up; benefits to economy, human health, and environment — ScienceDaily

Environmental policy guided by science saves lives, money, and ecosystems. So reports a team of eleven senior researchers in Environmental Science & Policy. Using air pollution in the United States as a case study, they highlight the success of cleanup strategies backed by long-term environmental monitoring. Co-author Gary Lovett, a Senior Scientist at the Cary […]

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