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The Flat Earth movement: “Mad Mike” Hughes and Patricia Steere are “stars” of a society of people who “know” the Earth is flat

If you picture Earth as a ball spinning through space. the folks who recently gathered at a park in Arcadia, California, are eager to argue: you’re wrong!  Earth is actually “flatter than a pancake,” said Nathan Thompson, part of a movement of people who call themselves Flat Earthers. They insist the Earth is, well, flat.  […]

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Clean Water Act dramatically cut pollution in US waterways — ScienceDaily

The 1972 Clean Water Act has driven significant improvements in U.S. water quality, according to the first comprehensive study of water pollution over the past several decades, by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Iowa State University. The team analyzed data from 50 million water quality measurements collected at 240,000 monitoring sites throughout […]

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